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KUMKUM ENTERPRISES, established more than one and a half decade back, is a specialist manufacturer and exporter of door & window furniture (door knockers, knobs, handles & hinges etc.), Cabinet Hardware, Curtain Hardware, Gate Hardware together with a host of other builders hardware made of Brass, Aluminium, Iron and Stainless Steel.


Aluminium Hardware

Handles, Knobs, Stoppers, Latches, Escutcheon, Numerals...
Antique Black Hardware

Handles, Knobs, Knockers, Latches, Escutcheon, Numerals, Hooks
Brass Hardware

Handles, Knobs, Knockers, Latches, Escutcheon, Hooks, Hinges, Stay & Fastener, Numerals...
Hand Forged Iron

Handles, Nails, Hinges ...
Wrought Iron


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